Around the Mountain Pediatric Dentistry - Offices in Flagstaff and Lakeside, AZ

Flagstaff Team


David Leard, CEO -
Melissa Gerstner, VP of Operations -
Christine White, Accounts Receivable Manager -


Elise Reese, Hygienist
Emily Favour, Hygienist
Lindsey Rogge, Hygienist
Amy Ho, Hygienist
Susan Turnbull
Kelsey Whetten, Hygienist

Jennifer Lynn, Lead Dental Assistant
Kati Evans, Lead Dental Assistant
Ana Lopez, Dental Assistant
Amelia Willadsen, Dental Assistant
Tayler Holden, Dental Assistant
Sarah Dwelle, Dental Assistant
Annette Pena, Dental Assistant
Ariana Gonzales, Dental Assistant
Nicollette Billy, Dental Assistant
Aubrey Wright, Dental Assistant
Santana Honanie, Dental Assistant
Luz Munoz, Dental Assistant
Anna Andrade-Abrego, Sterile Technician
Liana Montano, Sterile Technician
Rosie Voss, Clinical Support


Elizabeth Andrade, Surgery Coordinator
Elizabeth Garcia, Scheduling Coordinator
Caren Cassady, Insurance Coordinator

Cinthia Lopez, Reception
Charyss Cadmus, Reception
Lizaeth Cedillo Cruz, Reception
Yvonne Gaither, Reception
Jessica Rocha, Administrative Support

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